Well, I’ve had it for a good year now, and it had some minor upgrades, nothing much.

I’ve started with the PSU. Don’t get me wrong, the XFX Core 550w is an amazing PSU, but the cables bothered me so much, that I replaced it with a semi-modular XFX XXX Edition 650w. Now it’s tidier, much better than it was before.


The next thing was adding a WD 1TB HDD for local storage. I’d rather see a 512GB or 1TB SSD for local storage, but I had this drive from a previous mini-itx server build, and I decided to use it for this. It’ll probably be replaced by another drive in the near future, as this 1TB drive will go for an offline backup of my data on the Synology.

The latest internal upgrade was adding another DIMM of DDR3 RAM, so now it has 16GB of RAM. Pretty nice upgrade, especially if running a couple of VMs. Both DIMMs are Crucial Ballistix Sport.


As for the peripherals, there have also been some changes. I’ve added a second Logitech F710 gamepad, and I’ve moved both to the HTPC, for big screen gaming.

I’ve also bought a Logitech Driving Force GT wheel for racing games, and I love it. It’s really great, the force feedback is great, and it’s turn lock adjustability is great for adapting to different games.


And I’ve added another display, a Dell U2414H, a very nice screen.


As I’ve mentioned I have a HTPC in my living room, which I will write in another post, along with other devices in my home network.

Also, I’ve set my mind to upgrade my GFs PC in the near future. I’ve already bought a Corsair CX430M semi-modular PSU and a Fractal Design Core 1300 case. The mobo, CPU, RAM and SSD are planned in the coming months, the graphics card will be my Sapphire R7 260X, but that’ll have to wait until I upgrade my graphics card. Hopefully AMD will do something nice with the 300 series, otherwise I might just grab a R9 290(x), as it’ll probably get a nice discount around then.


I’ll have pictures of the build in a blog post when it’s done.