Ghost – A new blogging platform

The “smell” of new software. Let’s try this thing.

It looked great, when it was trying to get funded on Kickstarter. It also blew past their set goal of 25.000GBP. The campaign ended with 785% success. It sounds funny, more than 100%, that’s more than 1. But in the end they got a whopping 196.363GBP for the development of a new blogging platform. And people said that blogs are next to dead, that twitter is going to end them.

Installation on Digital Ocean

The process is fairly simple. You create a Ghost application droplet with Ubuntu 12.04, wait a minute, and the server is up. The IP and root password is emailed to you. Next up, you have to point a DNS A record to the IP of the server (if you want your blog to be accessible by a DNS name, not just the IP).

Then you have to edit the nginx config file, replace the ServerName with your dnsname, and do the same in the Ghost config file. Restart Ghost, and you’re ready to access your blog.

Using Ghost

Point your browser to http://dnsname/ghost, so you can sign up for your blog and configure it. Your blog is publicly accessible on http://dnsname.

Markdown is fairly new to me, but you quickly get the hang of it. You can also write in HTML, if you’re more comfortable using it.

The edit screen is quite minimalistic. The title is at the top, tags are at the bottom. The middle consists of two panes for editing and previewing. You write in the left pane, and the result is in the right pane.


The site is responsive, so it looks great on personal computers, and mobile devices as well.

Ghost screenshot

Lookin’ good! Well, that’s that for now.