Bojan Bunić

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Nagios notifications with Pushbullet

I was looking into using Pushbullet to notify me of the Nagios events, instead of sending the notifications via email. I stumbled upon this reddit post by a user named »

L3 bridge with two Raspberry Pi 2

I got two Raspberry Pi 2 and I wanted to set up a L3 bridge between them, one positioned at my location, the other at my girlfriends. The network schematics »

Apache SSL settings

As I’ve tried Detectify [], and it has given me a lot of work to do, I’m gonna write a few of the settings that »


Go hack yourself or someone else will – [] To je njihov moto, in sicer je Detectify storitev, ki ugotavlja varnostne pomanjkljivosti spletnih storitev. Je plod petih »