Nagios notifications with Pushbullet

I was looking into using Pushbullet to notify me of the Nagios events, instead of sending the notifications via email. I stumbled upon this reddit post by a user named »

L3 bridge with two Raspberry Pi 2

I got two Raspberry Pi 2 and I wanted to set up a L3 bridge between them, one positioned at my location, the other at my girlfriends. The network schematics »

Simple WordPress backup script

For the purpose of backing up my wordpress installation, I have created a simple shell script to backup my mysql DB and content. I run it through cron for daily »

Updating my PC

Well, I’ve had it for a good year now, and it had some minor upgrades, nothing much. I’ve started with the PSU. Don’t get me wrong, the »

Test LG G Watch

Že dolg nism nč tazga napisu, pa je bil cajt, da spet kakšno napravo sprobam. Test se nahaja na spodnji povezavi ( 🙂 Test ure: LG G Watch »